UTPC Board of Directors empowered

A special training for UTPC Board of Directors took place recently at Flomi Hotel Morogoro with a view to sharpening its most pivotal oversight obligation.

During their two – day educational gathering which commenced on 17th July, 2017, the Board members were trained in issues of Corporate Governance to enhance their scope of understanding of the principles and best practices.

The participants, led by their President; Mr. Deogratious Nsokolo, among other things, have had an opportunity to have an insight into the Board’s mandate; their roles and responsibilities and those of each individual, Board procedures and conduct.

Although the training was hinged  more on  Good Governance’s five key pillars – accountability, powers, roles, responsibility & duties of Board , probity and integrity, transparency and respect for all stakeholders’ rights – the Board members also went through such topics as overview of Corporate Governance, role of the Chairman, secretary, CEO and senior management team.

UTPC Board of Directors on a joint picture after the training ended on 18th July 2017 at Flomi Hotel in Morogoro

Others are financial numeracy for not – for – profit Directors, Board dynamics: role of the Chair and secretary, Board dynamics: understanding Board competences, Board dynamics: Board documentation, Board self- assessment

In the end the Board members, made up of five Finance & Planning Committee members and four Ethics & Training Committee members mentioned topics such as how to make ones assessment and how to get to know in-depth UTPC as an institution, based on its audited financial report, as the most interesting ones as far as they are concerned.

In their opinion, notwithstanding a short period time allocated to the educational gathering, it in fact, attracted their attention so much that their general scope of understanding of how best an institution, like UTPC, can be run efficiently and effectively, got broadened a great deal.

The President, for example, expressed optimism that the training will enhance the participants’ capacity to fulfil their pivotal oversight obligation, thus enabling the Organization to move forward.in more confidence.

The Board members, generally, vowed to put into practice whatever they have learnt in the course of the two – day educational gathering of its kind.

Earlier on, UTPC Executive Director, Mr. Abubakar Karsan called upon the Board members just to serve the general public, strictly without regard for their supervisory responsibility.

He spoke very highly of IODT, the training facilitators, saying the local institution is truly capable of building capacity of various Board of Directors in the country and that the participants can equally be able to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before

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