Investigative reporting training for journalism practitioners

A training in investigative reporting is to take place sometime mid this month at Morogoro’s Flomi Hotel, involving 27 journalism practitioners in total drawn from the country’s all Press Clubs.

The five – day educational gathering sponsored by UTPC is being organized under the Strategic Plan (2016- 2020 of the Organization, in its capacity as an umbrella body for the aforesaid member clubs scattered across Tanzania and it commences on 14th August, 2017.

Selection of eligible participants will be effected following a rigorous scrutiny of applications already at the UTPC secretariat’s desk, an exercise done on the basis of each applicant’s payment of annual subscriptions and ability to express oneself on why he / she wants to take part and what he / she will do, after having been exposed to the said training.

A list of participants selected is shown in the table below:-

No Full Name Press Club
1 Sylivester Machibya Singida Press Club
2 Mohamed Makonda Kagera Press Club
3 Sophia George Zablon Mwanza Press Club
4 Marco Maduhu Shinyanga Press Club
5 Mohamed Ngwenje Morogoro Press Club
6 Florah Temba Media Club of Kilimanjaro
7 Rose Mweko Geita Press Club
8 Deo Mosha Media Club of Kilimanjaro
9 Bahati Laurent Rukwa Press Club
10 Fadhili Abdallah Kigoma Press Club
11 Saleh Hassan Othman Zanzibar Press Club
12 Irene Temu Katavi Press Club
13 Hassan Simba Mtwara Press Club
14 Mariam Juma Manyara Press Club
15 Urban Epimark Central Press Club
16 Shushu Joel Simiyu Press Club
17 Leila George Kazimoto Iringa Press Club
18 Bryaseson Kayungilo Dar City Press Club
19 Angelo Mwoleka Arusha Press Club
20 Suleiman Rashid Omar Pemba Press Club
21 Ibrahim G. Mlele Njombe Press Club
22 Andrew Mhaiki Ruvuma Press Club
23 Joachim D. Nyambo Mbeya Press Club
24 Muchunguzi B. Kamugisha Dar City Press Club
25 Mwatum Shomari Salum Zanzibar Press Club
26 Julieth Peter Manyara Press Club
27 Jacob Mwenga Njombe Press Club

The prospective participants, among other things, will be awarded special certificates of attendance, besides being required to sign a contract with UTPC, under which he / she will have to fulfill obligations contained therein just upon completion of the training.

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