Education, Health to be cushioned from unpleasant experiences

Over 15,000 civil servants including 13,700 primary and secondary school teachers will shortly be on the Government’s payroll, IN ADDITION to 2,000 medical staff who have already been employed in place of ghost workers and those disqualified nearly two years back for being ineligible for their jobs.

Such good news, that must have inevitably made many a Tanzanian heave a sigh of relief, was officially confirmed in Dodoma in the recent past by State Minister in the President’s Office, responsible for Regional Administration and Local Government, Mr. Seleiman Jaffo.

When it came to power, following the 2015 General Elections, it will be recollected, the Fifth – Phase Government of President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli immediately embarked upon a careful and thorough examination to restore a sense accountability, diligence in servanthood and dutifulness particularly in the civil service.

The aforesaid scrutiny found about 19,000 in total in both education and health sectors who were later on discarded as either suspected ghost workers or ineligible staff, caught red-handed with fake academic credentials.

Minister Seleiman Jaffo (in tie) posing for a group photo with journalists outside his office in Dodoma

The Minister, who was a fourth guest speaker at UTPC – sponsored radio fms discussion programme simply known as TUJADILIANE, aired in his Dodoma office recently, against such an unpleasant background, the government has already done the needful in terms of filling several vacant teaching and nursing posts across the country.

Other guest speakers who had ever featured at the past three TUJADILIANE radio programmes include Mwanza Regional Commissioner, Mr. John Mongella, Land, Settlement Development Deputy Minister, Ms Angellina Mabula and the Founding Father’s son, Madaraka Nyerere.

Answering questions put to him by Mwanza – based local journalists, who had paid a courtesy visit to his office for the aforesaid function, the Minister said affirmatively that a plan to employ a total of 13,700 teachers, in fact, would be complete towards the end of this very (December) as the newly employed medical staff were currently reporting to their working stations.

Reacting to yet another question on rampant child pregnancies, especially among schooling girls, he expressed dismay at what is happening on the ground saying the government contemplates constructing hostels as one of the strategies for mitigating the said social problem.

To that end, he clarified, the government has disbursed 21.0b/- for the improvement of infrastructural facilities for Ukerewe Disrtrict’s schools, whose pregnancies situation is rather alarming.

The 45 – minute programme serves as a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences between a guest speaker and interviewers most of whom are journalism practitioners working for both electronic and print media based in Mwanza Region (ends).

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