Kigoma Urban constituency Member of Parliament, Mr. Zitto Kabwe has said much as he lauds efforts made by Government of President, Dr, John Magufuli to weed out widespread corruption in high places, its policy, particularly on economy, is so blurred that it never meets with his personal approval at all.

However, in the opinion of the general public, ever since he gained the political ascendancy over all his rivals in the last general election, the President who is not a member of the aristocracy has, indeed, stunned many people for what he has done in the shortest period of time.

For instance, shortly after coming to power, he quickly mobilized the whole nation to make desks for primary and secondary schooling children to sit at, get rid of ghost workers and those ineligible employees in the civil service, restore sense of accountability, discipline, keep the citizenry working hard and improve both strategic infrastructural facilities and social amenities, to mention but a few.

Notwithstanding such historic, fascinating developments of its kind, the vocal legislator who was speaking in Mwanza in his capacity as guest speaker at a UTPC – sponsored radio fm discussion programme aired recently, complained that under the very nose of the government of the day, people  go missing, opposition political party leaders are being harassed by coercive organs and even arraigned for no apparent reasons whatsoever, besides individual’s  freedom of expression being suppressed indiscriminately!

On the government’s policy on economy, Mr. Kabwe, himself a graduate in economics of an American University, said a much talked about ‘national economic growth’ is not reflected in the reality on the ground and, therefore, totally false because it has neither solved an unemployment problem facing Tanzanians, the majority of whom, he alleged, keep living below the poverty line nor represent statistics derived from locals’ contribution to the GDP.

Additionally, the legislator blamed those in power for the ailing economy for their failure to outline harmoniously their priorities based on comprehensive objectives and targets and come up with political rhetoric instead, with the exception of father of nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, a staunch believer of Marxist economies vis-à-vis monetarist ones.

Looking vividly frustrated, Mr. Kabwe whose party’s Constitution, guideline by the name of Tabora Declaration and last election manifesto all try to toe the late Mwalimu’s philosophy, enshrined in the now neglected Arusha Declaration, and recalled that during the 1st Phase Government era alone, over 4000 public corporations and Parastatal Organizations had been established as Mwalimu Nyerere’s own strategy for stimulating the economy only to see them turned into private enterprises, poorly managed by inexperienced, incompetent indigenous and foreign investors.

Touching on the Standard Gauge Railway project which is already underway, the legislator said he personally would have loved to see the government embark on iron & steel industrialization first which could serve as a guaranteed source of raw materials for the multi – trillion ambitious railway and a real labour intensive undertaking, much to the relief of the present army of job seekers in the country.

This, he said, was exactly the economic strategy devised by China’s paramount leader, Deng Xiaoping who came to power after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976 adding that it was, in fact, Deng who embarked on economic reforms policies (unlike Tanzania’s privatization) inside China and the open door policy to the outside world, making the giant China compete successfully against the US for global superiority in the process.

Turning to development strategies currently devised by his Kigoma/ Ujiji Municipality, Mr. Kabwe disclosed that it is among eight beneficiaries of World Bank – funded projects in Tanzania and that a 12 – km tarmac road construction and drainage improvement with the said funding are well underway down there.

That aside, he added, the Municipality’s Full Council has lately resolved increasing palm oil production whereby some 3, 000,000 palm seedlings will be planted monthly across his constituency in order to have some 20,000 hectares in place in the end, thus complementing the increasing demand for the commodity which the country imports 50,000 tons worth $ 400,000 monthly from Malaysia and Indonesia saying he hates to see all that money going to waste! (ends)

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