Meetings between Journalists and Stakeholders

In a bid to make such events as a success as possible, each Press Club was allocated 4.0m/= and, indeed, the gatherings have all been effective as expected.








Of all the gatherings, probably the ones organized by Media Club of K’manjaro, Shinyanga Press Club, Media Club of Manyara and Rukwa Press club are most impressive.

It was during the stakeholders’ workshops, as they are popularly called, held in the aforesaid regional Press clubs that:

Journalism practitioners and media stakeholders corrected each other’s inadequacies openly and in good faith, thus cementing further their working relationships in the process

Senior government officials have had a rare opportunity to share their experiences and exchange ideas particularly with the journalists. For instance, Natural Resources and Tourism Minister, Mr Ezekiel Maige attended a Shinyanga Press Club-organised stake-holders’ workshop, held in Kahama.

Media Club of K’manjaro, Media Club of Manyara, which were able to get a ‘Dell’ computer and financial contributions amounting to 12.0m/= from the stakeholders respectively, and Rukwa Press Club whose outstanding reporter(s) are to be awarded 1.0m/= each from coffers of the Regional Commissioner’s office, are also amazing cases.

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