Members General Meeting

This year’s General Assembly, famously known as Members General Meeting (MGM), the eighth in a row, was indeed characterized by an election-related fever, a previous UTPC Members of Board of Directors’ three-year tenure of office having long expired.

Four out of ten incumbent Board members, including its President, Mr Kenneth Simbaya, had run for their re-election namely Ali Haji Hamad, Deo Nsokolo and Hassan Hashim, resulting in Mr Simbaya, Mr Hamad and Mr Nsokolo emerging victorious in the hotly contested exercise, on the one hand.

But on the other, complete new faces were voted in as members of Board of Directors including Ms Jane Mihanji who becomes Vice President, Mr Christopher Nyenyembe, Mr Deus Bugaywa, Ms Jane Mhalila, Ms Joyce Kasiki, Ms Beldina Nyakeke and Ms Vivian Pyuza.

This brings to ten number of Board of Directors, 50% of whom are females and another 50% are males, as clearly enshrined in section 15(a) of the UTPC’s Constitution.

The presence of two distinguished guests, former UTPC President, Mr Ulimboka Mwakili and his Vice President, Ms Habiba Sued, probably had given warmth and attractive colour to the entire hall, where the General Assembly was held.

Giving advice to the newly-elected members of Board of Directors later on, Ms Habiba, expressed her delight at how UTPC has made huge development strides saying the media organization, will certainly, be able to stand on its own two feet!

She also seized the very opportunity to inspire her fellow female Board Members to shrug off any inferiority complex attitudes-real or imaginary ones-amongst themselves like she did, in her capacity as Vice President, so to be catalysts for changes in UTPC.

Looking conspicuously excited, she gave a hint that her own scope of understanding has, in fact, been enlarged, to a considerable extent of being able to manage her own Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), using experience and skills derived from UTPC Board of Directors.

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