The Union of Tanzania Press Clubs is abbreviated as UTPC. It is an umbrella body of press clubs in Tanzania. So far it has 23 press clubs which are its members. These press clubs are geographically located all over Tanzania.
UTPC is a non governmental organization which was established in 1996 and registered in 1997.


A democratic Tanzania fully embracing a free, independent and robust media.


To create an environment that enables strong, efficient and effective Press Clubs in Tanzania which eventually contribute towards a democratic and just society.


i) To facilitate the operations of the Press Clubs to ensure efficiency and uniformity in the conduct of the business of its member press clubs by harmonizing their operational set up;
ii) To present member clubs in collective bargaining;
iii) To build the capacity and ability of individual journalists, who are members of press clubs through training, research, study tours and meetings;
iv) To promote and maintain code of ethics for media practitioners in promoting ethical reportage;
v) To print and publish newsletters or any other publication and establish any electronic media, with the aim of fostering the objects of the Union and that of the member press clubs;
vi) To liaise with other organizations (local and international), involved in marshalling press freedom, fight against corruption, poverty HIV and AIDS, violation of human rights and related matters;
vii) To mobilize press clubs members, media and non media organizations and the public, against practices, regulations and laws that infringe on the freedom of the press;
viii) To mediate and resolve disputes and conflicts of members press clubs;
ix) To conduct research with the aim of promoting media’s role in catalysing development;
x) To provide any other services that is not included in this Constitution.