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TOR for evaluation of UTPC strategic plan


The final evaluation will cover design of the Strategic Plan, Implementational outputs and activities. Results and Outcomes will also be covered, taking into consideration the parameters such as: quality, quantity and utility. The relevance of the plan to context will also be analyzed.


UTPC signs a Memorandum of Understanding with E4A


Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Evidence for Action (E4A), under which the two parties have agreed to work more closely in enhancing information on increased accountability for maternal and newborn survival in Tanzania.

An Acting UTPC Executive Director, Mr Victor Maleko, signed the Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to work in partnership with E4A, itself funded by British Department for International Development.

E4A Country Director, Mr Craig Ferla, on the other hand, signed it equally agreeing to work in partnership with UTPC, given the latter’s good network of journalist associations, scattered all united republic of Tanzania, an event presided over by UTPC President, Mr Kenneth Simbaya.

Under the one-year renewable Memorandum of Understanding for a similar period of time, both parties will liaise on regularly with each other to ensure smooth implementation of the partnership.

Also, in line with the Memorandum of Understanding, each lead contact will report to their respective Directors/Board of Directors besides lead contacts meeting quarterly to monitor and manage the partnership’s progress   and holding debriefing meeting within one month of the end of project duration (2014) to take stock of its progress.

An effective engagement of the media especially at sub-national level, through UTPC and its member Press Clubs in enhancing stakeholders’ awareness and local accountability for improved maternal and newborn health in the country constitutes the partnership’s specific objective.

The partnership’s key outputs include:-

  • A resource of journalists across all regions of Tanzania Mainland specializing in maternal and newborn health reporting;
  • An increased positive coverage, through community media available in the regions, on maternal and newborn health
  • National media outlets providing space for local stories, features and programmes on maternal and newborn health
  • Community media facilitating increased local level accountability for improved availability of maternal and newborn health services.

Talking to a group of local journalists at UTPC premises, shortly after putting their signatures on the Memorandum of Understanding, Mr Maleko described the occasion as an indication of how UTPC has improved with age.

He expressed optimism that UTPC, committed to achieving success through partnership with a pool of practitioners at its disposal, will undoubtedly work closely with E4A.

On his side, Mr Ferla , accompanied by the Organization’s Communication and Advocacy Coordinator, Ms Chiku Lweno, said the agreement signed by the two parties was just a gesture of complementing pledges made by Tanzania Government, at international arena, to save the lives of mothers and babies.

Quoting World Health Organization (WHO) latest report, the Country Director said Tanzania loses 8,500 mothers annually (equivalent to 24 mothers daily) and between 48,000-50,000 under-fives annually (equivalent to 130 babies daily), statistics he described as a real disaster.

Speaking during Questions & Answers session, the journalists contended that editors be fully involved in the implementation to make the whole brilliant idea a success, a proposal which, in fact, is already reflected in the project’s tentative Activity Plan and Budget.

Ms Chiku Lweno seized the very opportunity (Press conference) to introduce the journalism practitioners to a famous mamaye web, which E4A uses in campaigning for and complementing the Government’s efforts to at least mitigate the said social problem.

Re Advertised : Invitation for consultancy services for final project evaluation of UTPC strategic plan 2011-2013


UTPC is inviting a suitable firm to conduct a Final Project Evaluation of its Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013. The general objective of the FPE is: to take stock of UTPC’s achievements




UTPC ilingia mkataba na Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) kusimamia mradi wa uchunguzi wa Uzagaaji wa silaha za moto Mkoani Kagera, unaotekelezwa na Club ya Waandishi wa Habari Mkoani Humo .

Mradi huo wa miezi sita ulianza rasmi tarehe 1/10/2013 na unatarajiwa kukamilika tarehe 31/03/2014. Katika hatua ya kwanza ya Mradi huu  jumla ya wanachama 15 kutoka Klabu ya Waandishi wa Habari Mkoani Kagera walipatiwa mafunzo ya uandishi wa habari za uchunguzi kwa muda wa siku nne .

 Katika hao 15 , 6 walichaguliwa kwa ajili ya kutekeleza mradi husika na kutiliana saini  na UTPC .

Mbali na mafunzo hayo Klabu ya Waandishi wa Kagera ilipatiwa vifaa kwa ajili ya kuwezesha utekelezaji wa mradi huo. Vifaa hivyo ni  Kompyuta mpakato 2, Kompyuta ya mezani (desktop) 1, vinasia sauti vya kisasa 5, Kamera 3.

Katika hatua ya kwanza matokeo ya awali yaliyopatikana  ni pamoja na watu kuingia nchini kiholela, kugundulika kwa viwanda vya utengenezaji wa silaha za jadi (Ngobole), mauaji, utekaji nyara na wizi wa kutumia silaha.

Kwa sasa mradi uo uko katika hatua ya pili ya utafiti ambayo inatarajiwa kukamilika tarehe  28/02 /2014.

VOA radio/Tv presenter gives advice to Tanzania’s journalists


Voice of America’s (VOA’s) Straight Talk Africa programme, broadcast live every Wednesday simultaneously on radio, television and the Internet, was ‘aired’ in style in Mwanza in the recent past when its host, Mr Shaka Ssali had paid a courtsey call to UTPC offices.

Accompanied by US Embassy’s Public Affairs department official, by the name of Rogers Chidosa during his one-day famliarization tour of Mwanza, the Ugandan renowned Journalist held talks with UTPC staff.

 In a brief but interesting ‘lecture’ he delivered in the presence of handful Mwanza Press Club leaders, led by the association’s Chairperson, Mr Deus Bugaywa, Mr Ssali contended that  for local journalism practitioners to be effective enough, they ought to have an extremely strong desire to serve the voiceless people and not about getting rich.

“If you want to make money, look for another job”, he said affirmatively addint that they must also do whatever they think is right; look at themselves as servants and in fulfilling day-to-day obligations, they have to do a bit of research first.

“Always do your job without fear or favour if the people are to respect your professional intergrity; people will respect you only if they know for sure you are not involved in envelop business”, he stressed.

Mr Ssali, himself a Ugandan born American journalist who holds a doctorate in cross cultural communication and history from UCLA in California, expressed his personal feelings of great love for Kwameh Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda and  Nelson Mandela for having served their citizens selfishlessly.

The aforesaid former presidents, all of whom are founding fathers of respective nations, must have believed strongly that everyone has an equal right to a share of the country’s wealth, according to him.

“Journalism practitioners, as mass - communicators, are supposed to be persons who have the entire society at heart, which is the real meaning of life (i.e. existence, social ties and happiness)”, he advised.

Mr Ssali singled out the late Mobutu Sésé Seko as among African presidents who haven’t left any legacy behind except that he reigned during the Rwandan


Mobutu became a journalist and later served in the army before reigning the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly zaire), where he formed an authoritarian regime and formed an authoritarian regime from 1965 to 1997.

Ultimately, he died disgracefully in exile in Morroco in 1997 amid sentiments that had he been alive still, he would have learned that his personal wishes did not take precedence over his peiople’s needs.

Currently in a private tour of Tanzania, Mr Ssali is a former Ford Foundation Fellow and has received numerous honors, including a United Nations Peacekeeping Special Achievement Award in International Journalism.


Other awards include VOA’s Best Journalist Award and Kigezi College Butobere’s first ever Highest Achievement Award in International Human Communication. Butobere is located in Kabale, southwestern Uganda, and is Shaka’s alma mater.

During his career, Mr Ssali has interviewed and hosted many presidents and prime ministers. Among them: General Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President, Nigeria; Levy

MPC unveils its plans, successes, challenges

Abubakar Karsan

UTPC Executive Director, Mr Abubakar Karsan has reiterated that  Constitution has given his apex body, a clear mandate to play its pivotal oversight role to Press Clubs, scattered all over United Republic of Tanzania. 

Making introductory remarks in front of 65 Mwanza Press Club members who were in attendance at the Annual General meeting, held at New Mwanza Hotel recently, he contended that should UTPC issue any directives or sound warnings to individual Press Clubs members and leaders, therefore, the latter should not feel disgruntled at the way they have been constructively advised and reproved at all.

Mr Karsan, himself a member of the Club, just for the sake of maintaining peace and tranquility within Press Clubs, urged particularly the members to refrain from any fault-finding acts in their leaders, reminding them that they (members) are, in fact, leaders in waiting themselves.

Presenting a report on activities implementation for 2013, detailing both achievements registered and challenges encountered later on, the Club’ Secretary, Mr Jimmy Luhende said  his association managed to organize a fund-raising activity, fetching 8.2m/= in cash and 23.1m/= in pledges in the process.

However, he singled out members’ non-payment of subscriptions as the most overriding challenge which causes MPC quite a splitting headache.

According to the report, though the country’s second oldest Club (after Arusha’s) boasts 144 members as of 31st December, 2013, not even half of them had done the needful, much to the disappointment of the leadership.

Making a forward projection of a development plan, the report indicates that MPC intends to revive its monthly tabloid by the name of TAA, which has been out of circulation for nine years due to financial constraints.

With a monthly circulation of more than 10,000 copies, TAA has been not only an invaluable communication platform for informing the general public about the Club and income-source, but was also widely seen as a litmus test of practitioners for their professionalism and competence.


In addition, with 5.0m/= as its initial capital, the Club, he said, was contemplating buying shares in CRDB, National Micro-Finance Bank  and Tanzania Breweries Ltd.

After a lengthy discussion, the General Assembly passed a resolution which required the Club’s Executive Committee to engage consultant(s) with whom they can work in implementing all the issues agreed upon.  

The issues that were agreed include setting in motion a process of securing a plot for the Club office construction project, establishing a Savings & Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS.), buying shares in CRDB, NMB and TBL and restoring TAA to its past glory, among others.

Practitioners acquire skills in enhancing stakeholders’ awareness and accountability for improved maternal and new-born health

Picture 2

Over 60 journalism practitioners, drawn from all over United Republic of Tanzania, have attended training in Dar es Salaam in which they learned skills that they need in properly updating the public about Maternal and New-born Health (MNH).

The two-day educational gathering, jointly organized by Union of Tanzania Press Clubs (UTPC) and Evidence for Action (E4A), was conducted at Lion hotel effective 15th April, 2014, for the first time in Tanzania media industry’s recent history, in line with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two parties two months earlier.

Under MoU signed in Mwanza, not only did the aforesaid parties agree to work more closely in enhancing information on increased accountability for maternal and new-born survival in Tanzania, but also to liaise on regularly with each other to ensure smooth implementation of the renewable partnership.

The enthusiastic participants, including Chairpersons of all 23 Press Clubs, were first of all, introduced to 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS) just to give them fascinating insights into population and health situation in Tanzania.

To that effect, in his thorough presentation of the document, which lasted nearly the training’s two solid days, a specialist in treatment of medical condition and diseases of women, Dr Moke Magoma, hinted that the 2010 TDHS is the fifth national Demographic and Health survey to be conducted in the country, that of the 1991-1992 being the first.

He said it was then followed by the Tanzania Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Survey (TKAPS) in 1994, the 1996 TDHS, the 1999 Tanzania Reproductive and Child Health Survey (TRCHS), the 2003-04 Tanzania HIV/AIDS Indicator Survey (THIS), TDHS 2004-2005 and the 2007-08 Tanzania HIV/AIDS and Malaria Indicator Survey (THMIS).

E4A country dir...
Practitioners d...

On the 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey,the renowned gynecologist told the participants that it is based purely on a nationally representative sample and that it simply provides just estimates for rural and urban areas on the Mainland, for the Isles (Ungula and Pemba), for each of the seven zones, and, in most cases, for each of the 26 regions.

Graphs and round charts, contained in the 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey, are all pointing at appallingly shocking mothers and infant mortality rate statistics, as Tanzania had just celebrated 49th anniversary of her political independence in 2010, giving the participants a real disastrous situation on the ground in the process. 

Among catchy words which had given the practitioners enormous food for thought while in the conference hall include an overview of trends in fertility, trends in use of modern methods of contraception, trends in maternal health care, trends in childhood mortality (death per 1,000 births), trends in literacy and trends in household electricity.

Later on, presenting her paper, ‘Wajibika Mama Aishi Campaign’, Ms Rose Mlay, a National White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) Coordinator, said although half of women in the country were still giving birth alone or without skilled health care, they do so at their own risk to say the least.

 Citing Rukwa region’s women as a salient example, she singled them out as being among mothers who die en masse at or just after birth in the country due to postpartum hemorrhage, uterine rupture, obstetrics / obstructed labour and eclampsia, among other reasons.

 It is against this background that the National WRA Coordinator pledged with the journalism practitioners to report relentlessly such episodes as they happen in order to lure government’s immediate intervention, considering that President Jakaya Kikwete, a current co- Chairperson of RMNCH Steering Committee, is a dutiful head of state.

 During plenary discussions which ensued on Day Two, involving editors of ten local media outlets, six recommendations were made for an enhanced team work spirit between journalists and editors, including introduction of a special desk in newsrooms and at Press Clubs level that deals with this particular mothers and infant mortality issue.

 Also highly recommended are logistical supports to reporters so they can be able to reach out to rural populations, further improvement of news stories and feature articles focused on maternal and new-born health, routine special courses for editors only, training in specialization journalism and need for media owners be held accountable for their failure to give mothers and infant mortality stories priority they deserve.

Earlier on, UTPC Acting Executive Director, Mr Maleko paid glowing tribute to the participants for coming in big numbers in search for knowledge about the disturbing upwards mothers and infant mortality rate trend, notwithstanding current rains coming down in torrents particularly in Dar es Salaam.

Mr Maleko said the occasion bears a clear testimony not only to the truth that UTPC has improved with age lately, but also the extent to which the developing partners in Tanzania have confidence in it on the one hand.

But on the other, Mr Maleko who is also a Programme Officer responsible for Press Clubs relations and monitoring said UTPC has earned credibility and reputation for itself, with an army of journalism practitioners operating under Press Clubs, scattered all over United Republic of Tanzania which are de jure UTPC members.

Giving an explanation and overview of his organization’s campaign, popularly known as Mama ye, Mr Craig Ferla, a E4ACountry Director, said it is essentially a multi-year programme aimed at improving maternal and new-born survival in Tanzania in particular and sub-Saharan Africa at large.

As a gesture of complementing pledges made by Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete at international arena to save the lives of mothers and babies, Mr Craig elaborated that the said campaign focuses on using a strategic combination of evidence, advocacy and accountability to save lives in the country.

Latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, according to the Country Director, suggest that Tanzania alone on average loses 8,500 mothers annually (equivalent to 24 mothers daily) and between 48,000-50,000 under-fives annually (equivalent to 130 babies daily), a phenomenon which he described as a real national disaster.

Speaking in his capacity as UTPC President, Mr Kenneth Simbaya simply echoed remarks made by Mr Maleko and Mr Ferla by urging the journalists not to let this rare opportunity slip through their fingers in the interest of individual Press Clubs, practitioners and Tanzania as a whole.

He described the training as a golden opportunity for the mass communicators in particular given that it aims at equipping them with journalist skills in enhancing stakeholders’ awareness and local accountability for improved maternal and new-born health.

On specialization, Mr Simbaya said much as he commends practitioners for the good job they have always been doing all along, he contended that it is high time local reporters spent more time on one particular area of work, in the course of their duties, other than on others for them to work more effectively and efficiently in relation to mothers and babies who die at or just after birth for various avoidable reasons.  

UTPC yakamilisha ununuzi na usambazaji wa vifaa kwa mwaka 2013


Baada ya zabuni kutangazwa na mshindi kupatikana, sasa ununuzi na usambazaji wa vifaa kwa mwaka 2013 umekamilika.

Klabu zote 23 zimepatiwa vifaa kwa mujibu wa kabrasha la Tenda.


Vifaa vilisambazwa mara baada ya ukaguzi kukamilika na kila klabu ilichukulia vifaa vyake katika ofisi ya RAN IT Solution Ltd zilizopo jijini Dar es Salaam isipokuwa Mwanza, Shinyanga, Tabora, Kigoma, Kagera na Mara ambazo zilichukulia vifaa vyake katika ofisi za UTPC mjini Mwanza.



Kila klabu ilipata vifaa vifuatavyo;

  1.  Kompyuta 4
  2.  Kompyuta mpakato 1
  3.  Vinasa sauti 2
  4.  Boom mic 1

Hii ni awamu ya pili na ya mwisho, ambapo vifaa hivyo vinasambazwa kwa klabu nchini chini ya Mpango Mkakati 2011 – 2013.  



The process of the Final Evaluation of the UTPC Strategic Plan 2011 – 2013 is going to start soon.

The process will be guided by ToR specifically designed for that purpose. The Tender Board has met to approve the ToR and the advert.

 You can also download the final evaluation below:

Taarifa kwa klabu ya waandishi wa habari mkoa wa Singida juu ya waandishi kufanyiwa vurugu wakiwa kazini na kunyang’anywa vitendea kazi vyao na polisi

NOVEMBA 22, 2013 Mimi Emmanuel  Michael  wa Star  TV/ RFA na mwenzangu  Leonard Manga wa TBC na  Hillary Shoo wa Gazeti la Jamboleo tuliombwa kuongozana na Naibu Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii Mhe Lazaro  Nyalandu katika ziara yake katika katika eneo la Msitu wa asili wa Mgori ambako kuna zoezi la kuwaondoa kwa nguvu wananchi waliovamia  hifadhi hiyo.
Mhe Nyalandu  ambaye  pia ni mbunge wa eneo hilo alilazimika kwenda kwenye hifadhi hiyo baada ya kuwepo malalamiko ya wananchi kuchomewa nyumba zaidi ya 70 bila kuruhusiwa kutoa vyakula na mahitaji mengine muhimu, kupingwa na kufanyiwa vitendo vingine vya ukikwaji haki za binadamu.
Baada ya kufika huko wakati  Naibu Waziri  akiendelea kuzungumza na viongozi  kupata taarifa, sisi tulianza  kupiga picha za nyumba zilizochomwa na kufanya mahojiano na wananchi kisha kwenda kwenye eneo la mkutano.
Tukiwa kwenye  eneo la mkutano huo kumsubiri Naibu  Waziri  aje kuhutubia, askari  zaidi ya 20 wakiwa na magari manne walifika na kutuvamia kisha kutukwida na kutunyang’anya kwa nguvu kamera, Notebook na simu  kwa madai ya kuingia kwenye msitu huo na kupiga picha bila kibali.
Dakika chache baada ya Naibu Waziri kufika na kuongea na viongozi wa askari hao  kuwasihi waturejeshee Kamera na Note book ili tufanyie kazi lakini waliendea kugoma kwa zaidi ya saa tatu tangu saa tano  hadi saa nane mchana.
Baada ya Mazungumzo ya muda mrefu  hatimaye  polisi  hao walikubali  kurejesha Kamera lakini  zikiwa hazina  kadi yaani Memory Cards za kurekodia hivyo kushindwa kuendelea kufanyakazi.
Hali hiyo ilimfanya Mhe Nyalandu  kuzungumza tena na viongozi wa askari hao zaidi ya  mara tatu ndipo  walipokukubali kurejesha kwa masharti ya kurejesha kukaguliwa  tena baada ya kumaliza mkutano.
Hata hivyo licha ya  kupata kadi hizo baadhi ya picha katika  kadi hizo zilikuwazimefutwa na kadi moja ya Kamera ya mwandishi wa TBC haijapatikana  wala kurejeshwa hadi hivi sasa zaidi ya  askari kutupiana mpira.
Naibu Waziri Nyalandu amelaani kitendo hicho na kuahidi kuzungumza na viongozi wa juu wa jeshi la polisi.
Mimi binafsi nimesikitishwa sana na kitendo cha Polisi kutufanyia vurugu, unyanyasaji na kutunyang’anya vitendeakazi vyetu suala ambalo linakiuka msingi ya Uhuru wa kupashana habari.
Pamoja na kubaki  na uamuzi wangu binafsi kama mwana  habari niliyetendewa kitendo hicho tena mbele ya  mmoja wa viongozi wa juu Serikali, naomba Klabu ichukue hatua dhidi ya suala hilo kwa mustakabali wa Uhuru wa habari  nchini.
Ikumbukwe kuwa  askari polisi waliotuvamia na kutufanyia vurugu walikuwa  na silaha za moto hivyo chochote kingeweza kutokea.
“ Nionavyo  mimi uandishi wa habari unaendea kuwa moja ya taaluma zinazohatarisha  sana maisha,  na huu ndio ujumbe pekee kwa wanahabari wenzangu”


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