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Kibanda winner of Daudi Mwangosi Heroic Journalism and Servanthood Exellence Award for 2013.

Tuzo 1

The late Daudi Mwangosi, former Chairpeson of Iringa Press Club, also correspondent of Channel 10 Televishion Station, who met his horrible death at the hands of the police force on 2nd September, 2012, was once again honoured accordingly this year.

     As a result of UTPC Board of Directors’ resolution, this year’s Members General Meeting, held in Mwanza, was characterized by an historic occasion in which a Heroic Journalism and Servanthood Exellence Award was presented to its rightful winner.

Introducing the entire process of selecting a rightful winner of the Award for 2013 to the attentive audience which crammed the conference hall, on behalf of his fellow members of a panel of Judges, Mr Hamza Kasongo, who is also a renowned veteran presenter, clarified that the winner had met all set criteria for winning the Award, after a thorough scrutiny.

Other members of the aforesaid panel of Judges entrusted with that task include Mr Nkwabi Ng’wanakilala, Ms Leila Sheikh, Ms Rosemary Mwakitwange and Dr Ayoub Rioba.

Speaking to over 60 practitioners drawn from all over United Republic of Tanzania, Swedish Embassy officials, representatives from media organizations including MCT, Managing Editors and clerics who were in attendance, Mr. Kasongo hinted that the entire process of selecting a winner of the Award wasn’t all that simple.

In a nut shell, he mentioned a basis of the panel of judges’ decision to reach a logical and authentic decision as:-

Daud Mwangosi’s integrity:  According to the judges, the late Daudi

Mwangosi has been greatly honoured already by having in place an Award to be called by his name. Obviously, he will be commemorated annually, whenever the Award is presented to an eligible person, a thing to be proud of.

Background of the Award: In addition, Mr. Kasongo said, the Award is a direct result of Daudi Mwangosi’s brutal killing by the police force on the fateful 2nd September, 2012.  Due to this plain truth, the winner must be a person who truly had undergone an untold ordeal, shortly after Mwangosi’s sudden, tragic demise.

That said, Mr. Kasongo called upon fellow judge, Ms Leila Sheikh so she   pronounces officially a rightful winner of the Award for year 2013 who is none other than Mr Absalom Kibanda, Managing Edtitor of Habari Corporation and Edtitors’ Forum of Tanzania Chairperson.

This is the first that Heroic Journalism and Servanthood Exellence Award, launched by UTPC, has been presented to a journalist practitioner in the history of both the media industry in particular and Tanzania at large.

In the presence of the late Mwangosi’s wife, Ms Itika Reuben Mwakapeja, who had travelled all the way from Mbeya to attend the historic event, Mr Kibanda, accompanied by his wife, Mrs Angela Semaya Kibanda, just couldn’t help but just found himself in a helplessly, overwhelming sense of loss so that the Award completely dumbfounded him and subsequently led him to endless tears!

Kibanda’s exceptionally emotional, bitter feelings have, indeed, had an effect on the over 100 witnesses, some of whom were seen vividly moved, with their eyes filled with tears among womenfolk and menfolk alike.

Delivering a long speech on his own predicament, punctuated by sobbing and bursts of tears, Mr Kibanda said he was equally terribly shocked by the late Mwangosi’s tragedy, thus putting the practitioners at cross roads.

However, he encouraged his colleagues in the media industry to forge ahead saying attacks, tortures and all sorts of sufferings should serve as catalyst for an enhanced press freedom and development for next generation.

He said he personally believes very strongly that he was assaulted simply because of his writings’ objectivity and unwavering stance. He did not get into details. 

Guest of honour who is also Mwananchi Communications Ltd’s Managing Director, Mr. Tido Mhando acknowledged that he was extremely amazed how the occasion was well organized, something he never thought of when he got an invitation letter.

Looking conspicuously jovial, Mr. Mhando, having seen such a huge gathering of dignitaries, clerics, journalists and media stakeholders, said the event, indeed, bears clear testimony to the success of the media industry and solidarity that exists amongst the practitioners.

On predicaments befalling journalism practitioners this time around, the Managing Director, himself a renowned, retired national and international presenter, described them as mere attempts by some anti-democracy elements to suppress the power of the media.

He called upon fellow practitioners not to allow hindrances to press freedom and freedom of expression to deter them from fulfilling their noble journalist obligations saying they have no other alternative but continue standing together even in times of difficulties and sufferings for their own good and that of an entire society.

However, he reminded the practitioners on the crucially importance of overcoming various types of ethical dilemma and controversies that they encounter in their journalism practice.

Officially closing the event, an Executive Director of Tanzania Media Fund (TMF), Mr Ernest Sungura gave his fellow journalists heart saying they should never ever allow other people to molest, harass, torture or even beat them up for any reason(s).

He stressed that the journalists, in their capacity as mass communicators, can’t talk of press freedom and freedom of expression when they are being assaulted wantonly like what is happening now.

A winner of Dau...
Guest of Honor ...


Msimamo wa UTPC kuhusu kufungiwa magazeti ya Mwananchi na Mtanzania


Tumepokea kwa mshtuko mkubwa, uamuzi wa Serikali kuyafungia magaeti ya Mwananchi na Mtanzania.

Mshituko huo unatokana na ukweli kwamba, kwa sasa dunia nzima inaelekea kwenye uwazi, kuliko kuendeleza usiri usiokuwa na maana wala faida yoyote.

Kilichotushangaza zaidi ni kwamba Serikali imeyafungia magazeti haya, siku ya Haki ya Kujua Duniani, International Right to Know Day, ambayo huadhimishwa tarehe 28/9/2013 kila mwaka.

Tunaishauri Serikali, kuyafungua magazeti hayo mara moja, na iwapo ina malalamiko yake dhidi ya magazeti hayo, au na vyombo vingine vyovyote vya habari, wapeleke malalamiko haya Baraza  la Habari Tanzania, ambalo limeundwa kwa ajili hiyo.


Imetolewa na:

Kenneth Simbaya



UTPC Committees, Board meetings and MGM held in Mwanza

Board 2

Committees, Board and Members General Meetings, constituting part and parcel of Union of Tanzania Press Clubs’ (
UTPC’s) decision-making processes, all convened in Mwanza between 4th and 6th November, 2013, well ahead of a Members General Meeting or General Assembly.

This was the 16th time that Committees and Board meetings were held, involving 10 Members of Board of Directors who had actively played their oversight and directive roles in an efficient and effective manner, led by their President, Mr. Kenneth Simbaya, strictly in line with UTPC Constitution.

Then, there followed an annual Members General Meeting (MGM), held for the 6th time in the UTPC’s history on 8th November, 2013, bringing together over 60 members from 23 Press Clubs, scattered all over United Republic of Tanzania.

Under the supervision of Board of Directors, the MGM,held at JB Belmonte Hotel, housed in NSSF building, along Kenyatta Road in Mwanza, was well attended by Press Clubs Chairpersons, Secretaries and Treasurers and /or their respective deputies.

Adding inputs to the 73-page on Activities Implementation for 2012, focused on both narrative and financial areas., submitted  to the MGM earlier on, UTPC Executive Director, Mr. Abubakar Karsan acknowledged that achievements realized, notwithstanding, there have also been some challenges, whose answers are enshrined in the new Strategic Plan 2014-2018.

He mentioned some of the answers as revival of a defunct Trade Union for the Journalists (TUJ), mobilization of more Press Clubs members, purchasing modern office furniture for the Press Clubs and organizing more training courses for both office-bearers and members of the said journalist associations. 

In her rejoinder, UTPC Vice President, Ms Jane Mihanji, responding to additional questions from the floor, emphasized that Press Clubs’ future would hinge on how much disciplined they are in terms of adhering to financial regulations.

She noted that non retirement of funds disbursed to Press Clubs, after having implemented given activities, only poses a potential threat to the very existence of the journalist associations in particular and UTPC itself in general.

At this juncture, many speakers put some questions to the Board of Directors and UTPC Secretariat about some sections of the report to which the authorities had responded satisfactorily.

Ultimately, the General Assembly did receive, adopt and subsequently endorse the aforesaid annual report as an authentic document.

Earlier on, Chairpersons of 12 Press Clubs were presented certificates of attendance, on behalf of their fellow office-bearers, after having completed four-day training on Leadership Skills & Financial Management.

The Clubs include those of Kilimanjaro, Coast, Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Shinyanga, Mara, Mwanza, Kagera, Kigoma, Arusha, Tanga and Tabora

Meanwhile, mid-way through the meeting’s first phase, a Senior Manager of National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Mwanza office, Mr. Celestine Mganga, seized the rare opportunity to stipulate a particular modality according to which practitioners countrywide can be registered as NHIF beneficiaries.

The induction comes at the right time when Tanzania’s mass communicators (journalism practitioners) just find themselves operating in an awful, contemptible, volatile and hostile environment, under which some of them have been beaten up, tortured or even killed in the recent past.

The brief induction, according to the majority of the enthusiastic audience, has been meaningful, indeed, judging from a wide range of quite interesting questions about the NHIF’s roles, functions and the like, put to the speaker shortly after his lecture.

board 2
Coast Region Pr...
Media Club of K...
UTPC General As...




International Right to Know Day commemorated

An appeal to the Government in power to urgently have 17 pieces of legislation, currently looked at by the general journalism practitioners with contempt thrown away, is a thorny issue which featured prominently during an “International Right to Know Day”, commemorated at national level in Mwanza on 28th September, 2013.

This is a special day proposed on 28 September 2002 at a meeting of Freedom of information Organizations from around the world in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Freedom of information organizations and advocates around the world, including those of Tanzania, have since marked the date with activities to celebrate and raise awareness of the right to information.

During the proceedings at Mwanza’s Gold Crest Hotel, local practitioners and media stakeholders who assembled there, expressed concern over their inability to have access to the Right to Know, notwithstanding a fantastic growth of media outlets from barely 12 in total just a decade ago, to more than 100 today.

Contributing to two papers, one entitled “The Right To Know: How legal System Impacts Press Freedom in Tanzania” ,presented by St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) lecturer, Mr David Mrisho and another one on “Promoting Constitutional Guarantees on The Right To Information and Freedom of the Press in the New Constitution”, presented by Director of Governance Link, Mr Donald Kasongi, the participants attributed the unsatisfactory situation to the aforesaid 17 hostile pieces of legislation.

Singling out Newspapers Act, 1976 and National Security Act, 1970 as among classic examples of extremely obsolete at the event, jointly organized by Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) and Union of Tanzania |Press Clubs( UTPC), they contended that not only are the legislations colonial and outdated, but also non-starter in promoting cherished right to information and press


Mr Mrisho pledged with the Government to see to it that the ‘Right to Know’ legislation is enacted by Parliament as soon as it can in order to keep abreast of an on-going democratization process.

On the other hand, Mr Kasongi equally echoed the practitioners’ thirsty for seeing carefully, comprehensively worded clauses enshrined in the coming Constitution as a remedial measure.

After lengthy discussions, it was resolved that a delegation of people of integrity be identified to represent the media industry at the forthcoming  Constitutional Assembly, the Right To Know Day, in future,  be marked at Press Clubs level as well and that a more rigorous advocacy campaign against bad media laws be launched.

Officially opening the colourful event, on behalf of Mwanza Regional Commissioner, Ilemela District Commissioner, Ms Amina Masenza simply emphasized that the citizenry’s right to information is possible only if media friendly laws will be enacted by Parliament to guarantee the press freedom.

UTPC Executive Director, Mr Abubakar Karsan, closing it later on, spoke very highly of a close working relationship existing between UTPC and MCT and challenged upcoming next generation of leaderships of the two media organisations to emulate such a shining example.

On a wave of religious and political intolerance taking root in the country, the Executive Director warned Tanzanians to be extra vigilant, particularly this time around, when a Constitutional review process is on-going lest the entire nation slide into anarchy.

Job Offer: Journalists on Temporary Assignment


APO is hiring Journalists to work as consultants throughout Africa for a 2 month temporary assignment

 DAKAR, Sénégal, October 30, 2013/ -- APO is hiring Journalists to work as consultants throughout Africa for a 2 month temporary assignment. If you are a professional journalist with experience of at least 3 years in a national media, click here to send your application: http://www.apo-opa.com/jobapplication

Application must include your resume and two articles, news, radio or TV program published by a national media and mentioning the name of the applicant.

 Deadline for application: Friday, November 8 at midnight.


African Press Organization (APO)

Leadership skills and Financial Management Training - Korogwe


A three day Leadership Skills and Financial Management Training for Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Tanga press clubs leaders, has come to an end today. The training was conducted at Korogwe where by it has involved 26 participants from Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Tanga Press Clubs. During his closing remarks, The Chairperson of Tanga Press Club, Mr. Hassan Hashim, thank UTPC and its Board of Directors for a major decision that allows all press clubs leaders to participate in the training.

He added that, the skills acquired in this training will help press club leaders to operate their clubs in a more precise manner than it was before. He told the leaders from the three press clubs to think and prepare one project that can be implemented by all Press Clubs in the Northern Zone. Finally he asks the leaders to be the role models in their day to day operations at the press club level.


Ukaguzi wa vifaa vya UTPC unaendelea

Kazi ya ukaguzi wa vifaa vya UTPC ambavyo vitagawiwa kwa klabu za waandishi wa habari kwa mwaka 2013 unaendelea kwa kasi. Vifaa ambavyo vinakaguliwa ni kompyuta za mezani,kompyuta za mikononi,na vinasa sauti.
Wataalamu kutoka UTPC ambao wanasimamia ukaguzi huo ni Victor Maleko na Steven Mhamba ambae ni mtaalamu mwelekezi wa vifaa vya teknolojia ya habari na mawasiliano.
Kampuni ya Ran IT ya Dar EsSalaam ndiyo iliyoshinda zabuni ya kununua vifaa hivyo kwa mwaka 2013. Kazi ya usambazaji wa vifaa hivyo kwa klabu itaanza tarehe 9 Septemba 2013,klabu zote zimefahamishwa kuhusu usambazwaji wa vifaa hivyo. Mwaka 2012 klabu zilipata vifaa kama kompyuta za mezani,kompyuta za mkononi,mashie za photokopi,kamera za video na picha mnato,vinasa sauti,redio za kisasa,projector na kitambaa chake na mashine za kufungia makabrasha.
Kwa picha zaidi yao tukio hilo angalia hapa chini
Wakaguzi wa vif...
Wakaguzi wa vif...
Wakaguzi wa vif...


Commemoration of Daud Mwangosi death

Daudi Mwangosi 1

Press Clubs countrywide did organize activities, depending on their situations, to mark1st anniversary of Daudi Mwangosi’s death. The former Iringa Press Club (IPC) Chairperson was killed by the police force at Nyololo, in Iringa region, on 2nd September, 2012 while covering a certain political party’s function for his Dar es Salaam-based Channel 10 Television station.

In marking the late Mwangosi’s brutal killing, this year Mwanza Press Club jointly with UTPC organized a one-day gathering at Monarch Hotel, in Mwanza, attracting over 50 participants including practitioners and representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations. Earlier on at the candlelit occasion, the stakeholders stood rather solemnly in one-minute silence, in remembrance of the fallen Mwangosi as a gesture of joining in with particularly Iringa-based counterparts who simultaneously did the same.

 Reports from that end have it that, once again, the practitioners have been reminded of importance for them to be vigilant this time around when a trend of attacks against them is awfully growing.

Klabu sasa kuongozwa kwa uwazi

Tanga 1

Viongozi wa klabu za waandishi wa habari (press clubs) toka mikoa ya Dar es Salaam, Morogoro na Pwani, wameahidi kubadilika na kuziongoza klabu zao kwa uwazi, ushirikiano na ufanisi wa hali ya juu.

Msimamo huo ulitolewa na viongozi 26 wa klabu hizo, waliokuwa kwenye mafunzo ya uongozi na usimamizi wa fedha, yaliyofanyika Tanga wiki iliyopita.

Mafunzo hayo yaliyotolewa na UTPC, katika mkakati wake wa kuwajengea uwezo viongozi wa klabu hizo.

Mada zilizotolewa kwenye mafunzo hayo ni historia ya migogoro kwenye klabu, mikakati ya usuluhishi wa migogoro, sifa za uongozi na maana ya uongozi.

Mada nyingine zilizotolewa ni mgawanyo wa majukumu baina ya viongozi, sifa za sekretarieti inayotekeleza wajibu wake vizuri na zingine ni namna ya kuitisha na kuendesha vikao na mikutano ya klabu, mfumo wa udhibiti mapato na matumizi na nyaraka mbalimbali za mapato na matumizi.

Washiriki walifurahishwa sana na mafunzo hayo, na walielezea utayarifu wao wa kuyatumia kwenye kusimamia klabu zao.

Hatahivyo walielezea migogoro kwenye klabu na ujuzi mdogo kwenye utafutaji fedha, kama changamoto kubwa zinazokabili klabu zao.

Awali, akifungua mafunzo hayo, Makamu Rais wa UTPC, Bibi Jane Mihanji, aliwarai viongozi hao, waziongoze klabu zao kwa uwazi na ufanisi.

Mafunzo hayo tayari yamefanyika katika kanda za Ziwa, Magharibi, Kaskazini na Mashariki.

Kanda ambazo mafunzo haya hayajafanyika ni kanda za Kati, Kusini na Nyanda za juu Kusini na Zanzibar.

Unweza pata picha zaidi hapa

Mkurugenzi Mten...
Makamu Rais wa ...
Baadhi ya washi...
Baadhi ya washi...
Baadhi ya washi...
Viongozi wa Mor...
Viongozi wa Dar...
Viongozi wa kla...


Training Evaluation

UTPC regrouped the trainers who conducted the training to journalists in the regions, through their press clubs. The trainers reviewed all the training they did in 2012 with the aim of identifying successes and challenges. The training evaluation workshop took place in Mkuranga district at Kiguza Village Hotel, from 22 – 23 July 2013, under the facilitation of renowned journalists and trainers Kajubi Mukajanga and Fili Karashani.

The workshop came up with the 2013 training plan.

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