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UTPC Profile

1.What is UTPC

UTPC is a non-governmental organization which was registered on August 19, 1997 and given a  certificate no So 8976. It was formed by press clubs to act as their umbrella. It is a membership based organization. Its headquarters is in Mwanza City.


A democratic Tanzania fully embracing a free, independent and robust media.


UTPC has got the following members

  1. Arusha Press Club                                -           APC
  2. Central Press Club                               -           CPC
  3. Coast Region Press Club                   -           CRPC
  4. Dar City Press Club                              -           DCPC
  5. Iringa Press Club                                   -           IPC
  6. Kagera Press Club                               -           KPC
  7. Kigoma Press Club                               -           KGPC
  8. Lindi Press Club                                     -           LPC
  9. Mara Region Press Club                    -           MRPC
  10. Media Club of Manyara                   -           MAMEC
  11. Media Club of Kilimanjaro                -           MECKI
  12. Mbeya Press Club                                -           MBPC
  13. Mtwara Press Club                              -           MTPC
  14. Mwanza Press Club                             -           MPC
  15. Morogoro Press Club                          -           MOROPC
  16. Pemba Press Club                               -           PPC
  17. Rukwa Press Club                                -           RKPC
  18. Ruvuma Press Club                             -           RPC
  19. Shinyanga Press Club                         -           SPC
  20. Singida Press Club                               -           SINGPRESS
  21. Tabora Press Club                                -           TBPC
  22. Tanga Press Club                                 -           TPC
  23. Zanzibar Press Club                             -           ZPC
  24. Njombe Press Club                              -           NPC
  25. Geita Press Club                                   -           GPC
  26. Simiyu Press Club                                  -           SMPC
  27. Katavi Press  Club                                 -           KTPC


To create an environment that enables strong, efficient and effective press clubs in Tanzania, which eventually contributes towards a democratic and just society.


  1. To facilitate the operations of the Press Clubs in Tanzania
  2. To provide services to Press Clubs
  3. To render services designed to ensure efficiency and uniformity in the conduct of the business of its member clubs, by standardizing their operational set-up.
  4. To present member clubs in collective bargaining.
  5. To print, publish and circulate any newspaper or newsletter or any other publication, designed to foster or increase interest in the objects of the member clubs.
  6. To seek and broaden the knowledge of the club members by identifying training needs, coordinate training, research, funding and scholarships, conduct seminars, workshops and organize exchange programs in collaboration with member clubs.
  7. To establish links with other organizations and societies involved in marshalling press freedom, fight against corruption, poverty, HIV and Aids pandemic, violations of human rights and related matters.
  8. To promote, and maintain codes of ethics for media professionals.
  9. To mobilize its members in fighting against laws and regulations that infringe on the freedom of the press.
  10. To mediate and resolve problems and conflicts of member press clubs.
  11. To do such other things as maybe that are in the interest of the Union, the media and the public as may be necessary to achieve the objectives.


6. Structure

UTPC has got the following structures:

Members General Meeting (MGM): 

This is the highest policy making body comprising of 69 members coming from 23 press clubs. Each press club is represented by 3 people in the MGM


One of the members general meeting 

Board Meeting: 

This is a supervisory body comprising of 10 people who  are elected at every 3 years


Board of Directors Meeting

The Secretariat:

This is an implementation body that implements various  activities under the Executive Director.

7. Board Members

The following are the UTPC Board Members

  1. Deogratius Nsokolo                 :     UTPC President
  2. Jane Mihanji                           :     Vice President
  3. Andrew Kuchonjoma               :     Board Member
  4. Pendo Mwakyembe                 :     Board Member
  5. Abdallah A. Mfaume                :     Board Member
  6. Salma Abdul                           :    Board Member
  7. Stella Ibengwe                        :    Board Member
  8. Frank Leonard                         :    Board Member
  9. Habel Chidawali                       :    Board Member
  10. Anna Makange                        :     Board Member

8. Projects

Currently UTPC is implementing its Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 which is SIDA funded. The overall goal of the Strategic Plan is to build the capacity of press clubs so that they can contribute meaningfully to the development of the country through media. In the Strategic Plan, UTPC exchange visits to members of press club, with the aim of building their capacity to serve the people. Media is the pillar of human rights, it is the barometer to measure the observance of human rights in any given society. And that is the reason, as to why UTPC is striving to improve the quality of the journalists in the country.

Other projects that UTPC has undertaken are hereby detailed:-


i The Role of ICT in promoting governance, agriculture, health and education 2003 – 2008 International Institute on Communication and Development (IICD) Conducted 30 forums in 8 districts of Mwanza regions in raising the awareness of local government leaders, teachers, educational officials, health officials, agriculture officials on how ICT can improve their sectors
ii Facilitating the establishment of Tanzania Telecentre Network (TTN) 2008 IICD Organized the National Workshop of Telecentres which approved:
    1. TTN Constitution
    2. Elected TTN Interim leaders
    3. TTN Strategic Plan
iii Hosting the National Secretariat for National Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) 2006 - todate

- ICT stakeholders from Tanzania

- East African Internet Governance Forum (EA – IGF)

We have organized NIGF since 2006 todate in preparing for the National position to be presented to EA - IGF
iv Independent Media Investigations and Reporting on Community Perspectives on Education issues 2003 HAKIELIMU

-          Identified and published stories, features and producing radio and TV programmes

-          Produced the final report on the subject and submitted to various stakeholders

v Independent Media Investigations on why women die at childbirth in Lindi, Singida, Rukwa, Manyara and Shinyanga regions 2006 Women Dignity Project (WDP)

-          Produced a report on an Independent media Investigations on Why Women Die at Childbirth in the given regions.

-          Published and aired the Key Findings on the investigations through print and electronic media

vi Independent Media investigations on Living and Working conditions of health workers in Mtwara, Kigoma and Shunyanga regions 2006 Women Dignity Project (WDP)

-          Produced an independent media report on the subject

-          Published and aired stories and features on the Key Findings of the investigations.

vii Enhancing Citizens Awareness on Local Government Elections 2009 SIDA – Via MCT

-          Conducted training to journalists all over Tanzania

-          Conducted stakeholders workshops all over Tanzania

-          Produced IEC materials and disseminated all over Tanzania

viii Identification of Community Radios in Tanzania 2001 BBC – Trust Fund -          Community radio stations were identified and some of them are currently working in partnership with BBC.
ix The magnitude and Impact of Illicit Arms proliferation on Kagera region 2014 TMF

-          Beacons are in place along the Tanzania/Burundi border

-          Defence and security organs are patrolling the border to ensure security and control of infiltration of illegal immigrants.

x Monitoring Local Radios for DEP Project 2014 - 2015 UNESCO

-          Training of Monitors

-          Procurement of recorders

-          Monitoring of radios

xi Increased accountability for maternal and newborn survival in Tanzania via improved locally-led media coverage 2014 – 2015 Evidence for Action (E4A)

-          135% of expected stories published/aired

-          105% interviews completed

-          Each of 27 regions of Tanzania was covered through interviews of candidates and stories aired

xii Deliver of high quality journalism for Family Planning in the context of the Tanzania General Election 2015 Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST) and Evidence for Action (E4A)

-          57 candidate reached

-          8 political parties were reached

-          Journalists had produced 109 stories (61 radio, 47 newspaper and one online story)

-          19 regions have aired the stories from community radio



Equipment distribution to Press Clubs 


 Daudi Mwangosi Award  

9. Major Achievements

Since the revival of UTPC in 2003 the following major achievements have been realized.

  1.  A functional organization that is being led as per its constitution and relevant regulations and manuals.
  2. A functional and effective network of press clubs all over the country.
  3. Improved media coverage from all regions attributable to the training we have conducted, and supply of equipment to all press clubs.
  4. Produced the Second Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019 which will be used in fundraising after a successful completion of our first Strategic Plan 2011 - 2013 

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