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The Union of Tanzanian Press Clubs (UTPC)Strategic Plan is the fourth in the history of the initiative.

The Union of Tanzanian Press Clubs (UTPC)Strategic Plan is the fourth in the history of the initiative. The strategic plan aims at moving UTPC from Good to Great. The strategic plan has been informed by input from across the media industry.

This strategic plan has the overarching purpose to guide the UTPC through this next phase of transition into a highly effective entity, taking into full account the contextual constraints and trends that exist. It is no secret that independent journalists and media outlets have been put under increasing pressure in the country. Professional standards of investigative, objective and ethical journalism are being called into question, spurring a need for improved quality of work. At the same time, trends in digital media are shifting the landscape for independent journalists and media houses alike. Recent events have demonstrated that more than ever before in history, thatthe fates of people across the globe are intertwined. The rise in information technology and rapid news media is set to present huge opportunities and challenges alike. 

Feeding into the vision of UTPC, the ultimate impact is to drive protection of citizens' rights to freedom of expression and association, informed by a free and active media that is independent, and uses objective coverage to push for people-centred development. The five strategic objectives are:

  1. Journalists operate with the highest standards of professionalism
  2. Freedom of information and freedom of the media guaranteed
  3. Press Clubs operate efficiently, effectively and independently
  4. Journalist safety, security and wellbeing is protected and respected
  5. UTPC has the systems, structures and staff to support its mission